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Automated cap table management

Easily manage complex cap tables, maintain shareholder communication and stay compliant


Build Your Accurate Cap Table

Stop using spreadsheets to manage your shareholder records, use Quoroom calculations to run your LTD or LLC company

  • Cloud-Based Cap Table
  • Issuance of certified and uncertified shares
  • Share classes & rounds
  • CapTable Versions & Views
  • Share splits & consolidation
  • Beneficiary sub-holdings
  • Dilution & Valuation history


Manage documents and corporate actions

Set us the preferences of different classes, create automated dividends and interests distribution, proxy voting and corporate announcements. Quoroom company secretarial tools will ease the administrative burden of corporate life.

  • Dividend calculations
  • Proxy Voting
  • Corporate events triggers
  • Documents Management (VDR)
  • eSignatures
  • Board Resolutions & Minutes
  • Free Legal Library (Templates)


Stay compliant and stress-free

Quoroom helps you catch and fix mistakes, meet regulatory requirements and submit filings. Quoroom cuts your legal and accounting fees.

  • Signable share certificates
  • SEIS/EIS certificates
  • Statutory Registers
  • Companies House Filings
  • Investors KYC
  • US 409A Valuation
  • US Rule 701 analysis
  • US ASC 718 stock-based compensation expense report


Run a waterfall analysis or model your next round in minutes

Use scenario modelling tools to guide your most important equity decisions.

  • Funding round modeling
  • Exit modeling
  • Waterfall analysis


Communicate and report to shareholders easily

Quoroom provides a full set of tools to help you maintain communication with your shareholders and make reporting easier

  • Built-in CRM
  • Investor / Employee Portal
  • Cap Table Access Levels
  • Email distributions
  • Chat room


Offer liquidity to shareholders

With your cap table on Quoroom, securities can be easily transferred between eligible shareholders. Shareholders get a streamlined experience for running share transfers and series transactions, while Quoroom takes care of the share transfer form.

  • Secondary transfers
  • Transaction history
  • Share Transfer form
  • Automated transfer restrictions
  • Transactions auto-update cap table
  • Liquidity events (tenders, auctions, etc.)
  • Sale pre-emptive rights exercise

Finally in one single place

Manage all investment and corporate matters

Capital Raising

Investor pipeline manager, order book, deal completion workflow with issuance directly to your cap table

Data Room

All investment and corporate documents are signable and sharable securely

Employee engagement

Automated granting, vesting and exercising


Streamlined investor transactions and liquidity events

Migrate your data easily

Guided onboarding

Book a web call to be guided through setting up your cap table.

Concierge onboarding

Want expert help or don't have the time to get set up yourself? Concierge onboarding gets you up and running quickly for a one-time fee.


Data ownership

Your Data Belongs to You

It's your company and it's your equity information. We support multiple import and export formats to help you get your data in and out of Quoroom

You Manage the Access to Data

Manage the access levels, from full company management by Directors to an individual or full ownership view for shareholders

You Are in Full Control of Cap Table

Don't worry if you haven't yet got all shareholders online, you can still manage their shareholdings easily and communicate invitations to corporate events over email

85% Faster. 95% Fewer mistakes

Quoroom for all your needs

Join our community of modern companies and grow faster with Quoroom

All your corporate and investments
matters in one place

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